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Who We Are

We believe Kallo is less about introducing a new what, and much more about building a better how. This makes sense as we’re pretty straightforward as humans–we want to do what we’ve always done, but we want a better way to do it.

And that’s how Kallo views artificial intelligence. We believe AI can empower anyone—it’s just a matter of application and accessibility.

man and woman working in the office environment
What We’re Doing

We are making the experience of artificial intelligence feel familiar and intuitive to use. We are creating a platform that is highly accessible with remarkably relevant features. And we are ensuring that trust and accuracy are an absolute certainty.

Kallo is committed to shaping a future where AI is not only advanced but also responsible, accessible, and beneficial to all. Guided by principles of ethical AI, transparency, and inclusivity, we aim to make AI a force for positive change in the lives of everyone, fostering a world where innovation is synonymous with responsibility.

Our Team
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Co-Founder and CEO
Nick Potts
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Co-Founder and CTO
Matt Toddy
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