GPT-4o, Claude 3.5 Sonnet, Gemini 1.5 Pro, and more now available

A better AI experience, for you and your team

The world's best models from providers like OpenAI, Google, and Anthropic,
wrapped in the world's most polished AI chat experience

What makes Kallo different?

Best AI + Best Experience

Kallo provides access to the best AI models from the world's top AI companies, but wraps them up in the best user experience.

Easy to Share

Share your convos, sources, and more with other Kallo users. You can even set up teams for your common groups of people.

Image-to-Text Scanning

Did you write incredible notes down on a napkin or whiteboard? Do you have a photo of a text document? Kallo can work with those.

Real File Summaries

The competition's file summaries are based on random samplings from your text. Our summaries cover the whole text—the real deal.

Seriously Fast Searches

Kallo doesn't make you wait while it searches your docs. Even if you're comparing 3 models at a time, Kallo starts responding right away.

Your Data is Your Data

The information you provide to Kallo is never used to train AI models. Period.

For business: AI as a Service

Let's Talk Business
Frontend Managers - Codely X Webflow Template

Empower your Staff with AI

Kallo is enterprise-ready and built for team collaboration. Give your organization the power of AI while keeping things in-house.

Backend Managers - Codely X Webflow Template


Kallo's application layer can save your business big time and money when you use Kallo's off-the-shelf integrations.

DevOps - Codely X Webflow Template

Robust Infrastructure

Kallo offers redundancy and model comparison tools that the big players won't (because that would help the competition).